Monday, May 5, 2014

Forest Witch

Another swap ami! Of course!  This one is a forest witch who is a were-owl, and has the ability to transform fully or partially into an owl!  The theme for this swap was "Enchanted Forest" and my partner seemed a bit evil witch obsessed, so I thought this would be perfect. 

She has owl wings, legs, and feet, and bugged out owl-like eyes.
 I was going for maximum creepy with the eyes, as my swap partner has a thing for the super creepy.  Making the eyes was the most fun! They are polymer clay!

Bird feet.

A witchy, a-line, textured bob.

I learned crocodile stitch for this, and used it to make her wings!  I love how crocodile stitch looks, but it was a little confusing to figure out.  This is the wonderfully free pattern that I used to learn it:  Thanks Miss Tegg!

Hopefully I can resist swapping for a minute and come up with a new pattern for you guys, but I'm not promising anything!  Swapping is just so much fun! 

Thanks for stopping by!

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