Thursday, October 18, 2012

A candy corn bonanza!

Crafting for Halloween has definitely had a theme this year.  Candy corn!  Okay, so half of you are probably cringing while the other half's excitement is building.  Candy corn is one of those things that people either love or hate.  I used to belong to the latter group, but after working this pattern by Lion Brand (you will have register to access the free pattern) into this guy, I was hooked! (pun intended, hehee)

SO, I've been hooking candy corn left and right!  AND, I did some interesting variations...

 This fellow has bendable arms and legs.
His new owner tells me that he has been causing quite a bit of mischief!

This fellow has quite an appetite! 

For loose change!
I love making coin purses!  They are so useful and fun to make!  

Next we have the Candy corn Twins!
Made for my bestie's little twin boys!
(sorry the quality sucks on this one!)
They were originally going to be rattles, but the rattle device thingy that I had would have been too bulky and would have distorted their shape.  I'm a bit disappointed, but the babies don't seem to mind!

Lastly, I made one last Candy corn fella.  After all, I did get attached to these little guys, and decided that I needed one for myself.  Well, he'll probably end up mine.  I will be posting him for sale in my Etsy shop, but seeing as how Halloween is just around the corner, AND that I've never actually made any sales on Etsy, I figured he's as good as mine.  :)

Well thanks for making it to the end of this longish post!
See you next post!

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