Monday, October 29, 2012

free Jack 'O' Lantern coin purse pattern

In honor of Halloween, I whipped up this super quick, super easy pattern for a Jack o' lantern coin purse. 


Jack o' lantern coin purse

 What I used: 2 different shades of orange worsted weight yarn (A&B), a G hook, scraps of black felt, a small amount of green worsted weight yarn, a coordinating 7 in. green zipper, two large black buttons, black embroidery thread, a tapestry needle, & a yarn needle.

In true Jack o' lantern fashion, I suggest you put your own spin on it!  You can use yellow felt if you want the lit up look, or perhaps you prefer a solid orange pumpkin, or even a white pumpkin!  Have fun with it!  

with A, ch 32 
(I made my coin purse rather large as I often like to use them as wallets, but if you prefer a smaller coin purse, I suggest you ch 28 for beginning chain, and work 27 sc across for all subsequent rows)
row 1: sc in 2nd ch from hk & each ch across (31)
row 2: ch1, turn, sc across (27)
switch to B
rows 3 & 4: repeat row 2
switch to A
rows 5 & 6: repeat row 2
continue pattern for 22 rows, finish off both colors (I suggest 18 if you are making a smaller version)

TIP: When switching colors in rows this way, I find it easier to drop one strand of yarn, work the next color, then pick up that yarn again, as opposed to finishing off at the end of each row.  This way there are WAY less ends to weave in!  Here is how I do that:  At the end of the row of one color, yarn over, pull up a loop, and pull tightly on that loop so your work is secured.  Next attach your next color and work your rows and finish off in the same way, also leaving a loop.  When you go to pick up the previous color, insert your hook in the loop and pull the loop snug around your hook.  Slip stitch up the side of your work until you are where you need to be (for this project I sl stitched twice), ch 1, and continue working the pattern!

Fold work in half with stripes running vertically.  Use a long length of orange yarn and a yarn needle to sew the sides closed, leaving the top open. 
Turn work inside out.
Attach Green just before one of the side seams along the top opening.

round 1: ch 1, sc around the top -- you will be working in the sides of your previous stitches  (the number of stitches doesn't really matter here, as long as you work as evenly as you can, trying not to decrease or increase the circumference)
round 2:  this round you will sc in each sc around, decreasing twice above each side seam for a total of 4 decreases, sl st in next st, finish off

Sew your zipper along the top opening using green yarn & a yarn needle.  Keep the stitches small enough where a coin cannot slip through. Since it is made in sc, there is no need for a liner, but one in a nice Halloween or Autumn fabric would look lovely!  I chose not to add a liner because I suck at sewing, and I was running short on time to get this posted before Halloween!

Clip off the excess section of zipper, & sew over the end a few times to ensure that it doesn't open. (I don't know if this last step is even necessary, but I always do it for good measure.)

Braid a few pieces of yarn as a zipper pull.
weave in ends

Next, design your face!  Play around with your design until you find one you like!  Cut out your shapes in black or yellow felt, and sew onto your coin purse using embroidery floss.  I sewed mine on using blanket stitch.  Add buttons, and whatever notions you'd like!



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