Saturday, September 22, 2012

A colorful morning

This morning I finally got around to organizing all that colorful embroidery floss that I was talking about.   I am new to embroidery, and only recently started collecting floss.  Most of it I picked up from thrift stores, or received from fellow crafters.  Eventually my collection became a ziploc gallon bag of floss, half of which was all tangled up.  So, I bought a little plastic box that came with a bunch of little plastic cards to make a bunch of little spools of colorful color.  Well, I got about this far along... (happily humming I might add!)

when I realized that I wasn't going to have enough of the little plastic card thingies.  So I decided to cut some more out of an empty cereal box!

First I traced.  Then I cut.  Not forgetting to cut the little notches!

Here's a peek at how I spent my morning!  Cup of Joe (with lots of cream!), a pair of scissors, and lots of colorful floss!  What more can a crafty girl ask for?

All done! Yay!  So therapeutic.  I think it's a good start.  Now to get every color under the rainbow!

AND,  for an extra dose of color, here's a peek at what I'm currently working on.

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