Friday, September 14, 2012


No, I'm not talking about my kids, or the rude customers I recently had to deal with at work.  I'm talking about some monster stuffies.  My partner received her goodies, so I can now show you the rest of the things I made out of that jumble of yarn and fabric that I posted last week.

Presenting finished item number 2.  She's inspired by Danger Craft's knit monster chunk.  Actually "inspired" may not be strong enough of a word.  I basically copied it to the best of my ability, but in crochet since I can't really knit (yet!).

I named her Blossom because I had the idea of making her eyes in the shape of cherry blossoms.  I used some chenille yarn for her body which makes her so soft and fuzzy!
Here she is with my hubby for size reference

Here's finished item number 3.  My very first sewn stuffie!

She is hand sewn and has crochet arms, legs, ears, and face.  Yes, yes, I know she is all crooked and wonky and probably a slew of other sewing terms that I don't know for things I did wrong, but hey, she's cute and that's what matters.  Right?  Truth be told, I am not a sewer (seamstress?, sewist?).  Sewing machines intimidate me to no end!  However, I am determined to conquer my ridiculous aversion to sewing.  Even if it's by stitching one crooked little hand sewn stuffie at a time.

So, there you have it!  I know it didn't look like much at the beginning, but that pile of yarn and fabric has been transformed.  I hope you enjoyed the transformation.  I sure did!

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